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Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi

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Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi Empty Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi

Post by Itou Kaiji on Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:13 am

Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi 8G31OvZ

Associated Names
어화둥둥 내 보르미
어화둥둥 내 ♥보르미
어화둥둥 내보르미
Don't Cry Boreumi
Don't Cry Bureum
My Love, Bormee
My Lovely Boreumi
My Pretty Boreumi
Người yêu tôi là Borumi

Groups Scanlating
Bluebird Scans, Easy Going Scans, Mystic Iris, Sakicow

Status in Country of Origin
10 Volumes (Complete)

Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

LEE Yun-Hee

LEE Yun-Hee


From Easy Going Scans

The protagonist, Boreum Park, is the daughter of a goddess and a womanizing taoist. Stolen from her mother at birth, she lives on earth with her father Chun Park. Her whereabouts are hidden from her mother by the protective charms set up around their house and she is always forbidden to leave them. When on the prowl for women one day, her casanova father comes across a man playing the flute. As they get to know each other he falls in love with the man. In order to stay close to the man he offers a marriage proposal for Boreum to marry the man's son. Thus stirring things up in the heavens when her mother finally finds Boreum's whereabouts.


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