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Digimon Next

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Digimon Next Empty Digimon Next

Post by Itou Kaiji on Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:33 pm

Digimon Next ThK5xUB

Associated Names

Groups Scanlating
DATS, Digimon Himitsu, With the Will Scanlations, WtW

Status in Country of Origin
4 Volumes (Complete)

Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural

HONGO Akiyoshi

OKANO Takeshi


Tsurugi Tatsuno is a boy who competes in Virtual Digimon Battle tournaments. When a Kuwagamon appeared in the Real World, his Greymon came to life and protected him. Tsurugi is summoned to the Digital World by Piximon to save the Digital World from the evil Barbamon. Since his Digimon has a hexagon shape on him, it's an Illegal Digimon, meaning that Digimon bearing such symbols can help save the Digital World. Tsurugi's Greymon later De-Digivolves to Agumon and they meet other characters destined to save the Digital World from the forces of Barbamon. Now they must stop Barbamon and his minions before they get all the DigiMemories and take over both worlds.


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