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Dorothy of Oz

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Dorothy of Oz Empty Dorothy of Oz

Post by Itou Kaiji on Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:02 pm

Dorothy of Oz 7igeodX

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Status in Country of Origin
5 Volumes (Complete)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Sci-fi

SON Hee-Joon

SON Hee-Joon


From Udon Entertainment:
When Mara Shin’s dog Toto gets lost one fateful day, she follows his trail along some yellow brick road and ends up in the wonderful land of Oz! Everyone instantly starts calling her Dorothy, but these aren’t the cowardly lion, brainless scarecrow and heartless tin man adventures you remember. This fantastic fairy tale features familiar characters…but with a definite action/animated twist!

A classic redone for new fans. Met Mara Shin a ordinary student whose life was normal until one day she chase after her dog Toto. That when she saw the yellow brick leading her to Oz. There thing are not the same Oz that we know. Colons, Robots, and Chimeras oh my. So join Mara (Dorothy), Abbe (Scarecrow), Namu (Tin Woodsman), and Tail (Cowardly Lion) down this twist adventurer down the yellow brick road.


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